Best legit marketing tools

Finding the right marketing programs and tools for your internet business can be a burden.

On your search, you will most likely stumble upon the shiniest high promising low delivery "opportunities" to rocket launch your business in a split second.

In the past years, I have seen and tested hundreds of those marketing tools and programs with a lot of trial and error.

After signing up, following their self-declared big dog guru, I did just run into another disappointment. The program didn't deliver the great benefits or progress they told me.
 And, yes... I did lose time, money, and self-confidence during this testing.

In this post, I have carefully hand-picked the very few internet programs and tools that do really work for me. I am still using the below-listed programs and they deliver me good productivity, long-term stability,  and results. All have a generous free account option to test it for yourself. 

E-Wallets, Advertising, Branding pages, marketing tools, and programs for the professionals are gathered here. Useful marketing programs and tools for long-term constructive business and teambuilding. Good to refer and to use for yourself for building your business the legit way. You might want to bookmark, pin, or share this page to be able to find it back for later reference.

We all are different marketers and you won't personally like all of these programs. Some you will love instantly, some you will start to like overtime, some will just don't work for you. But I can ensure you that they are all worth trying out. It will cost you nothing to signup and test all of these internet marketing tools and you will be able to enjoy them for a very long time.

Social internet marketers network programs

Brand yourself as a marketer, not a program

Branding yourself online is nothing more or less than putting yourself up front first, instead of a program when you are promoting.
People are more willing to follow a person that informs them than a standard "sign up here" advertisement page.

The question should not be which program they have to follow, but why they have to follow it with you! What do you have to offer to compare all the standard promotion advertisements?

The answer is quite simple, Human interaction and additional information. You are the only truly unique thing on the internet. If people are starting to follow you,  it nearly doesn't matter anymore which program you are promoting.

The following internet marketers' social programs are my most favorite to share my programs and blog postings. All are long-term existing sites and have free membership options.

You will be able to set up a full personal profile, make social connections, create a posting and gather all your programs in one place.

The only thing you will need to promote in the future is your own social page.


MLM Gateway is a combination of a marketing-minded people connection site and a personal branding system.

You can build a personal profile where you can add your Business Opportunities and social connections. MLM gateway brings marketers together. When done with the right offers you will be able to spit out engaging leads for your business.

The most powerful tool is business announcements. This is an option to write simple blog postings with links to your opportunities. Business announcements will provide you connection credits, are connected to your profile, will attract people, and have a permalink to share on other places.

Another option is to use your credits for CPC advertising inside the MLM Gateway webpage. The advantage of CPC ads is that you will only be paying credits for real clicks on your advertisement, not for displays. 

MLM Gateway is fully responsive on all mobile devices


I like IBO TOOLBOX to call "The Facebook for marketers",

You can create a very extensive public profile page at IBOToolbox with your videos, press releases (blog postings), social connections, and your own Adsense ads!
The profile and press releases have their own permalinks and can be promoted anywhere

The features of IBOToolbox

Social wall, A Facebook alike timeline of your actions
Image hosting - lets you upload your own banners and images to use them elsewhere
IBO Associates, Marketers where you can connect with and mail (friends)

Press releases (PR releases in the account menu) are little blog postings that can have your opportunity links and are connected to your personal profile.

Press releases will be shared on the front social wall, to your connections, and can be used as stand-alone postings for your promotions. you will get internal advertising credits for publishing press releases.

Free Banner Advertising Credits.

IBOToolbox has internal text and banner ads. You can achieve free advertising credits on IBOToolbox by taking several actions like posting PR releases, reading the weekly mail, entering the twice a day promo codes.

Branding Top bar.

The most extended personal branding top bar I have found so far.

When you use the IBOURL link shortener on your standard, by the company-provided sales pages, IBOtoolbox will put a top bar above that promotion page. The topbar can contain your photo, social links, press releases links, youtube videos, and your IBOtoolbox sign-up link. As you can see, this is a very powerful tool to personalize standard sales promo pages that are hosted on third-party servers

See example promo page without topbar
See example promo page with IBOURL topbar

As you can see, the IBOURL is a very powerful tool to make standard advertisements stand out and will promote multiple links in a very simple way for using one advertisement credit only.

IBOToolsbox works on a mobile app as well and is fully responsive on devices.

EASYHITS4U is well known as a traffic exchanger but has great unrevealed branding options as well.

Next, to the traffic exchange, you can use Easyhits4U to
  • Connect with other embers
  • Create a public profile that you can promote elsewhere.
  • Host 3 of your own created splash page
  • A site rotator - rotates all your offers in one master container link
  • Make credit "offers" to watch YouTube videos (tip make sort connection videos)
  • Make Facebook comments on the front page'. Say something like "connect me for traffic tricks " don't post links directly in the Facebook box
Easyhits4U has massive daily traffic and a very active member base. I like to use those fast traffic to fast A-B test my campaigns. (run 2 different campaign pages/banners for the same offer and compare the results)

Pro Tip: While surfing for credits you see a little photo thumbnail of the Easyhits4U member.  The border color of that thumbnail shows you whether the user is upgraded or not. Upgraded members are returning members that are willing to pay for things (buyers). Make a connection request to those upgraded members. Follow up with a message asking to check your profile. Send them non-sales traffic tips as well. You will be surprised by the engaging interaction.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Traffic Tools 

Whatever you promote, you need for sure, just like everyone, TRAFFIC.
And not only "stupid" hits but traffic where you can inform your prospects and start converting this traffic. The next programs will help you to personalize and manage all your promotion projects.


Leadsleap isn't just a traffic program, It has tons of free tools that easily beat the paid offers elsewhere, like;

  • The real link tracker - Track your campaign clicks, real visit, a-b tracking pixel
  • Page rotator -Autorotate all your offers in one master link container
  • Popup creator - Creates pop-ups on any page with link and capture options 
  • Page creator - You can create and host unlimited splash and capture leads pages
  • Top ad bar maker - A topbar with an additional link on any (standard sales) Page
  • List builder and broadcaster - Let's you capture emails in a list to broadcast your offers
  • Monetizing traffics - PPC ads in the marketing niche for your blog or on your sales pages
  • Free re-brandable ebook - To use as a lead magnet (get it here)
  • Social reviews - Programs reviews, written by others, which you can use with your own affiliate link


This I a super tool for traffic exchange and mailer surfers. TEMbrowser is a special browser for surfing and organizing Traffic exchangers and whitelist mailers. You will surf Traffic exchangers much faster and easier. Gather More traffic credits in less time. 

n basic, it's a chrome browser that auto-switch tabs using templates. Tembrowser works for almost all known mailers and traffic exchanges. After the set-up, you will have a special, organized browser for speedy multi-tab credit surfing.

Tembrowser TE Surfing


This mailer has the cheapest full professional personal autoresponder in the market at their silver upgrade package. For just 3 dollars a month you can set up your own 12 autoresponders with 50.000 subscribers and 40 automatic emails each. 
Others like Getresponse, Aweber will cost you 12 to even over 40 bucks a month when your list subscribers count up. 

With this low $ 3,00 monthly fee, you will be able to keep it up while you are filling your responder with emails. To be totally honest, the back draw of this low cost is that you can just host one wanky lead capture page. 

The mailer, autoresponder, and capture page are split up into three separate sites which you have to duck-tape together. It has some hooks and loops to set up but when it works, it works for the lowest possible price.

I strongly advise you to use the European safelist autoresponder form code into the Leadsleaps free capture lead page builder and hosting.

european safelist mailer autoresponder

The most commonly used E-wallets for internet marketing

PayPal is the easiest method to transfer money and get paid. But for every method, there’s a serious problem. PayPal is not available in every country and doesn't support all affiliate marketing programs or any cryptocurrency. So, here are the best alternatives if Palpall doesn't do the job.


Coinbase is the largest free cryptocurrency wallet that can be connected to your PayPal or fiat bank account. Coinbase exists since 2012 and is, therefore, the most trusted cryptocurrency wallet by over a million users to convert fiat money to cryptocurrencies back and forward. Cryptocurrencies can be converted back to fiat money and withdrawn to your bank account.

A Coinbase account itself is free to sign up and maintain. Fees are been charged when you use it for buying, selling (deposit and withdraw), and transferring cryptocurrencies. There are no fees for converting cryptocurrencies to other cryptocurrencies (eg bitcoin to DAI).
I like to call Coinbase "The Paypal for cryptocurrency", because of its unseen simplified graphic interface. When you want to buy, sell, trade, convert and earn cryptocurrencies, eg bitcoin, you need for sure Coinbase.

A unique feature is Coinbase earn. Because Coinbase is the largest crypto wallet, developers of cryptocurrencies want to promote their coins on Coinbase. You can simply earn some commonly known cryptocurrencies by watching sort promotion videos and answering a quiz about them. These offers are not just low-paying unknown coin airdrops like elsewhere. With Coinbase earn you can easily make and use instantly a few 10 bucks. Yes, this is some real to use easy money to withdraw or to start your cryptocurrency journey.

Coinbase earn crypto


Coinpayments is a Cryptocurrency E-wallet that can hold and convert a very wide range of coins (over 800 now) for a low transfer fee. Since it can hold almost any crypto coin, it's very suitable as a "household wallet" for all your daily online crypto payments or to convert your alt-coins into Bitcoin, the mother of all crypto coins.

You can't withdraw or deposit fiat money in your Coinpayments account. It's just for holding, achieving, and paying with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. To withdraw or deposit from fiat money you will need to convert your coins to one of the biggest coins and transfer them to Coinbase.  With Coinbase you can withdraw or deposit crypto money in fiat money to your bank account directly.

Coinpayments, for your daily payments and holding a wide range of crypto coins, and Coinbase, to exchange crypto to or from your bank account in fiat money is a matching, good working, combination.

Coinpayments cryptocurrency wallet


Payoneer is the fiat bank for affiliates and can be connected with a wide range of large affiliate and advertising networks. For example, Amazon associations, Istockphotos, ShareASale, Upwork, Fiver, all have direct Payoneer plugins

With this online wallet, you will have an extra bank account number to make and receive payments around the world in over 210 countries in 200 different fiat currencies. Using the global payment service, almost any payment from any bank overseas can be directly received. Direct deposit from your bank account and a min withdraw of 50 dollars to your bank account. 

Has its own MasterCard option as well.

Payoneer affiliate partner

Marketing branding tools

Well, That's all folks

You made it, the end of my most recommended marketing tools for personal branding, converting traffic, and payment gateways.

The best way to use these programs is with a social approach. Connecting, social bars with contact info and writing self-promoting articles are the way to go

If you use one of them already, you might want to try the extra tips in the listing for your benefit.

Please share your thought and questions in the comments


  1. Many thanks for sharing these tips and tools! I need some time to read up on them and find out how they work, but I'm sure that at least a few of them will come in handy!