So, who’s that Marcel guy - Allow me to introduce myself

Hello to all of you

Please take some time to know a little more about me,

Private, I’m 50 years old dutch family man of 4 kids and married to the most interesting woman in the world and far beyond.

I like to see myself as a regular, straightforward, give and take mind setting, inventive, creative, socially responsible person.

Total chaos and distraction are my absolute weaknesses.

People, music, and tech are always gaucheness my interest

Professionally I am educated as an electric and electronic engineer. In 1999 I started my first self-employment as a freelance electrician and owner of a mid-sized PA rental company.

Small outdoor events, congress support, sound engineering, and dance events up to 1000 people were my main productions.

Due to the changing industry and a three-time crisis in the past l0 years I had to make the decision to employ myself as a maintenance officer in a regular day job. This to create me some rest and to think about "what's next."

My online marketing journey

Managing the former company I designed web pages, blogs and learned a lot about social marketing on the fly.

Since the internet is the new media and highly related to the event culture I dared myself to make a steady earning on the web in September 2015.

During this journey, I stumbled upon hundreds of online scams and Unique-done-for-you-fast-money-making-systems. I even joined a few of them, costing me money or a tremendous amount of time.

This is where self-reflecting kicked in and I decided to do what I have always done best during my offline self-employment…. Branding myself and a company

After dozens of positive feedback, I realized that there is a great need for knowledge about human social online attraction marketing and started to get joy in supporting others in building their online business.

I can help you to brand yourself, get traffic, get profits from it and start to sell or refer anything afterward. My postings are written to support, guide, and teach you the how and why.

Don't get me wrong, the goal of this blog is to develop your personal growth and this can't be done without steady working and thinking for yourself.

This is called "working online" and there is, whatever others say, no fast shortcut to the big 7 figure numbers.

  • If I tell you, you won’t listen
  • If I teach you, you might learn
  • If you involve yourself, you will succeed

Are you still with me?

I hope my blog articles trigger you with some new ideas.

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For so far a little introduction from this guy behind the keyboard

Thanks for reading out.