"Online Money Making" These three words alone stir up the discussion.

One will preach it's the ultimate way to archive money. For others, shivers of envy run down their spines
Something between "Absolutely Fantastic" and "All total nonsense and scams" seems not to be.

Is it all doom and gloom, or is the money for grabbing at the world wide web?

In reality, the truth is somewhere in between. This article clarifies the four basic ways to make money online and what you need to take into account. 

Online money making, Things to keep in mind.

There are quite a few misunderstandings about the dangers and rights you have as an online entrepreneur. Yes, I use the term, entrepreneur, because this carries the load and where it goes wrong often.

As a consumer in a shop or website, you enjoy customer protection. The seller always need something to implement like, a cool-down period, warranty, return policy, etc

If you are going to work on the internet it is usually as an intermediary or consultant. This means you will work as some kind of wholesale. In this case, you don't have that kind of consumer protection.
Your supplier is not personally responsible for you or your purchases.
If you want to get into something, and it turns out not to work, then you will have to take your loss.

Each way of working independently has its risks, opportunities, and setbacks.
If you run a supermarket then there will be a chance that a part of your products got stolen. If you are, for example, a constructor, it may just be that your contractor goes bankrupt or the customer will not pay.

When you start as an internet marketer you will stumble upon many programs that promise you to make thousands of euros per month for 20 min of work per day. Those are just a myth that persistence is proclaimed to willing ears.

You are responsible for your actions, profit, and losses.
So before you let your head on hollow by seven-digit earnings, fire the boss, get a young girlfriend and a motorcycle, it may be wise to take some time for reflection.

I have to disappoint you, even on the internet, the money doesn't grow on the trees. Whatever others will try to convince you to, there is no shortcut to the big numbers, period!

I would rather like to use "working online" instead of "online money making"

Now that you know where you stand and what to expect, find the four basic features in detail.

The four basic ways of Online Money Making.

There are many offers and possibilities, but in fact, it all comes down to four principles.

  1. Revenue from ads
  2. Something To Sell
  3. Offer a service
  4. Investing or trading.

You see, this does not much differ from the real world. Read here about the possibilities there are for these four basics.

1. Revenue from advertisements.

You know them, the bloggers and vloggers. Make a story, put advertisements on it, and the money starts floating in. It can be that simple.

A small detail, however, is that visitors should come to your site or vlog. You should build a follower base. To gain and keep your followers you need to have a complete marketing machine behind your project

“Content monetizing”, as it is so beautifully called, is a profession in itself. Apart from the fact that you also have to produce content, you will need to promote it through proper SEO and social media management. Gaining followers and visitors takes time and commitment.

Still, a blog or video channel is a very lucrative way to connect with your customers. You can inform people in this way and generate income from advertisements or sales recommendations, after all, you are reading this too.

If you are interested in building a long-term, stable income via the internet, a blog, or a video channel, in addition to social media and building a customer list, is the way to go.

Quick-money ways try to convince you that, in their system, all content is already done for you. Saying that you don't need a list or blog and just posting standard ads on Facebook or traffic exchange programs is enough.

This Spam technique, without additional information, will only cost you time, frustration, and money. If you happen to have a few sales, the creator of such a system will be the wiser in particular.

So make sure that you can build a relationship with your customers in some way, promote yourself and provide further information.

If you have no idea where to start, I would like to recommend that you read this article on blog marketing training and the articles on “branding” and “internet traffic” on this blog.

2. Sell something

It should be clear, there is more and more trade on the internet.
Ordinary shops are closing and big internet giants pop up and then open, or not, normal shops again later. The dividing line between complete online and offline stores is becoming smaller and smaller. Nowadays customers are served in multiple ways.

You can of course buy something on Facebook or eBay and then, or not, fix it up and resell it for more money. Which by the way is not wrong.

In addition, whole new trends have emerged such as “referring”, “drop shipping” and “affiliate marketing”.
These three look similar but are not the same, let me explain the differences to you

2.1 Dropshipping

With "dropshipping" you have your own sales site. All goods are sent directly from the central warehouse to the customer under your name. In this way, you can sell products, again for commissions, that you have not purchased or need to have in stock. The entire logistics is taken off your hands, not the customer handling!

The big advantage is that you work entirely under your name and there is no name branding of your supplier. However, you are responsible for invoicing, returns, and customer contact about the product.

Sure, your logo is on everything, which is a great thing, but in addition, you are a full entrepreneur who does not enjoy consumer protection. Therefore, it is highly advisable to read the terms and conditions of your supplier carefully. You need to know if you will be left with a mess of returned junk that you then have to pay.

2.2 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means sales through recommendations. Many large internet web stores such as Amazon.com have an affiliate program. There are also affiliate networks where you can register yourself for different seasons or batch products such as sunglasses etc.

With affiliate marketing, you recommend other people's products for commissions on sales. All the sales are entirely under the merchant's name. You are only an advisor of the product and you will be paid when the product has been delivered and paid for.

Your customer loyalty will be smaller in this case. Also, you have nothing to do with the product and customer handling. The responsibility for this lies with your affiliate product supplier. You can increase your customer loyalty by building a mailing list.

If you get paid you can keep your money. The customer pays the "normal" retail price that he would also have paid if he had bought directly from the site. So the merchant's site pays your commissions for your work, not the customer.

The great thing about affiliate niche marketing is that you can specialize in products. In this way, you will be an expert advisor. Product specialization is called a “niche”. Since large web stores work with affiliates, you can sell anything, from camping items to embroidery kits.

Affiliate sales are mostly promoted via blogs, video channels, and social media postings. “ Look what nice shoes I bought here”. (a little better wrapped, but you get the idea).

For example, this blog has affiliate products in addition to Google advertisements. I naturally support my affiliate products because I want you to come back.

However, keep an eye on the price/product ratio. Affiliate marketing is the direct sale from supplier to customer. A commission is paid to 1 person only on 1 level.

If the commissions cover several layers and over several people, we speak about multi-level marketing (MLM). Multiple commission levels for affiliates raise the price to unreal heights. MLM systems quickly fall into a pyramid structure.

2.3 Referring

Referring is similar to affiliation in many ways. The difference is that referring concerns recommendations of services and digital products such as games, digital subscriptions, software, and hosting.

The great advantage of referring is that you have no distribution over the road and can deliver the product almost immediately as a download or subscription from a site or magazine.

The downside of referring is that the value of a product is sometimes difficult to determine. This leads to a proliferation of worthless e-products sold for a lot of money and quick-money programs without any value.

As a referrer, you have to know the market very well, do a lot of testing and be extremely careful with what you recommend. By the way, if you do this right, you can get a loyal following very quickly.

There are certainly good valuable digital products that lead to satisfied customers. You just need to know where to find them and always list all the pros and cons.

3. Offer a service.

Are you capable of something that others are unable or unwilling to do?
This can be anything from digital services to offering local jobs at home to others online.

For example, you could advertise for

  • Babysitter,
  • Garden chores,
  • Cleaning work,
  • Provide tutoring,
  • Television installation and setup service

You can offer any hands-on service on the internet

If all that odd jobs aren't for you, you might have a special talent.

Handmade products and paintings can be offered very well on Etsy.com

There are many platforms like Gumroad.com where you can sell courses in all sorts of things like guitar lessons, flower arranging, you name it. Placing your course material costs nothing here, you only pay a small commission if you have sold something.

If you can't create your own products or courses, you still can work behind your PC at home. There are platforms such as Fiver.com, or Upwork.com where you can work as a freelancer such as;

  • Writer
  • Graphic designer
  • Social media posting, managing
  • Video editing
  • Transcription

Of course, you need to have a talent for this work and you need to set up a profile.

4. Online Investing

This is a profession in itself and certainly not as easy as it seems. In general, more people lose money on online investing than they make. I therefore strongly advise you to only start investing online if you have financial and economic knowledge or want to learn about investing before you put any money into it. 

Especially with online investing, there are masses of systems that are outright Ponzi schemes. Please beware of promises of high profits and passive income streams. 

Never step into a financial system because someone says it is so good without delving into it yourself first. Especially when it comes to making quick decisions and the fear of missing out on good opportunity promotions, Is this a sign of suspicion! Always do your research first, I mean, that investment program will still be there next week.

Final verdict of online money making

online money making pin

As you saw, there are many ways of legit online money making. You can earn money online by creating digital product courses or real products. If that's not your cup of tea, you can get revenue from advertising products from others or money from advertising on your blog or youtube channel. 

As long as you don't believe in the quick-earning myths, sell products of value, or are willing to learn "to trade", you will succeed. 

There are simply no easy bleu print shortcuts, no matter what they tell you. If there was, why does not everybody do it? 

Big company's with even bigger marketing budgets won't exist if you can be extremely wealthy with just a few simple mouseclicks.

You will always need to put in your effort and creativity. 

The best way of making money online is by just starting doing it! Doubting, or wondering, won't get your project launched.

I gave you some basic ideas and places to start, it's up to you now to convert them into earning projects. don't be afraid of some failures or obstacles,  you will overcome those by preserving them, it's a learning curve.


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